How to Apply & Required Documents (Certified Officer Position)

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All applicants MUST submit documentation providing proof of successful completion of the areas listed below. This documentation must be attached to the on-line application submitted for the position of Police Officer. Applications received without this supporting documentation are considered incomplete and will not be processed.

When attaching documents to your application, please ensure these documents are labeled with a file name that easily identifies the contents. Documents should be saved in a PDF format.

(1) BASIC MOTOR SKILLS TEST RESULTS (BMST) – Certified candidates may participate in the City’s examination process prior to taking the BMST, often referred to as the Physical Agility Test. The BMST includes, but is not limited to, long jump, vehicle push, ½ mile run, and the obstacle course.  You are permitted to fail one portion of the physical agility test (except the trigger pull).  However, it would be in your best interest to be proficient in ALL areas of the physical agility test. This test MUST be taken at the Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center located in the Institute of Public Safety.

For more information go to or and click on Testing Center. Next, click on Testing Center Information Booklet. This booklet contains information for those applicants who wish to practice the actual obstacle course. You are encouraged to read through this booklet carefully and contact the Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center if you have any questions regarding their testing process. Candidates are responsible for all fees and costs associated with completing this test.

The City of Fort Lauderdale will accept passing BMST scores for one (1) year from the date of the most recent examination. BMST scores received independently from the applicant outside of the Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center cannot be used to substitute for any part of our examination process.

(2) SWIM TEST RESULTS – Certified candidates may participate in the City’s examination process prior to taking the Swim Test.  The only approved location where applicants can take this test is the Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center located in the Institute of Public Safety. During the swim test, candidates will be required to swim 50 yards in a shirt & long pants in less than two (2) minutes in any recognized stroke (except the back stroke). Results from any other agency other than Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center will NOT be accepted. The Swim Test does not expire.

(3) FDLE or POLICE OFFICER CERTIFICATION – Proof of FDLE Certification or Police Officer Certification with training curriculum from a home or state academy must be submitted with your on-line application.  Out-of-state certified candidates must have one year of full-time, independent work experience in patrol (excluding any academy training hours) in order to be considered for the 92-hour Exam Qualification.

(4) BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND/OR NATURALIZATION PAPERS - A birth certificate may be submitted as proof of United States citizenship. If you are a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, you must submit a copy of your naturalization papers as proof of your citizenship or a United States of America passport.

(5) HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR CERTIFICATE OF EQUIVALENT EDUCATION - Possession of a GED anywhere other than the State of Florida or graduation from the USAFI is acceptable only if accompanied by an official high school transcript with final grades. If a degree was acquired in a country other than the United States, evidence of equivalence from a recognized agency must be provided.

(6) DD214 MILITARY RELEASE FORM - MEMBER 4 COPY (if applicable) – When submitting the DD214 form, make sure that it shows type of separation and character of service. Supporting documentation will not be accepted without this information.

(7) CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE VETERAN’S PREFERENCE CLAIM FORM - (if applicable) (form J204) - This form must be completed and accompany your original on-line application in order to receive Veteran’s preference points on the final register.

(8) WORK HISTORY - Your work history must include all positions held since the age of 18 to present. All gaps in work history longer than three (3) months must be explained, even if you may have been attending school full-time.

(9)DRIVER’S LICENSE HISTORY – Applicants must also ATTACH a copy of a valid driver’s license with their on-line application. Information regarding your driving history is also required with the submission of your application, driver history record and the pre-job offer questionnaire.

Driving History Record - You must also ATTACH to your online application an official certified copy of your “Complete” driver history record from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or documentation showing that you have formally made this request. Please note if you have held a driver’s license, or are holding a driver’s license, in more than one state, a certified copy of your “Complete” driver history record must be provided for each state in which a license has been held, if offered by the authorizing agency in that state.

Pre-Job Offer Questionnaire (PJQ) – The applicant must list on the PJQ ALL violations (moving and non-moving), tickets, accidents (reported and unreported), and suspensions, even if this information is not included on the “Complete” driver history record from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Failure to disclose this information regarding your driving history will be grounds for removing the candidate from the testing process.

(10) PRE-JOB OFFER QUESTIONNAIRE (PJQ form) – This document must be completed by the applicant and submitted with the on-line application. If this document is not ATTACHED to your online application, you will not be able to move forward with the application process. It is strongly recommended that you complete the PJQ first before filling out an application on-line so that the PJQ is readily available to download as an attachment with your on-line application. Failure to submit a complete and accurate questionnaire at the time of the on-line application will result in your application being disapproved. There will be NO exceptions.

The PJQ will be reviewed during the preliminary background review of your application packet and at several stages throughout the selection process, including your oral board interview and background investigation. In answering this questionnaire, absolute honesty is important. Exaggerated, misleading or false statements will eliminate the candidate from the employment process. Please be sure to double-check your responses on the PJQ to ensure that your answers are accurate and complete. Please note the PJQ will not be accepted in person or by fax or mail.

Please note information will not be accepted in person or by fax, mail or telephone. Click here for online application:

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The City of Fort Lauderdale is an equal opportunity employer.